Happy Inauguration Day, USA!

Congratulations to us all as we celebrate the wonderful peaceful transfer of power to our 45th president of the United States!  Regardless of one’s personal politics, this type of governmental transition is extraordinary among nations.

America is a great country within, and has blessed more countries than anyone else in terms of aid and opportunity.  At InternetJobs.com, we are here to serve all job seekers, career builders, recruiters, and employers.  Though we are US-based and most of our jobs are located here, we love and respect all peoples everywhere, and we are grateful for all the contributions to our country from beyond our borders.  Further, any honest American must acknowledge that America was originally build from non-“Americans”, and has been continually enriched by such.

Thus, no matter where you are, we wish you great success this year in regards to work, employment, and otherwise, and hope to do all we can to be a part of it!

– Team at InternetJobs.com

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